Houcine Akrout, Rédacteur en chef invité pour la revue internationale “Journal of Global Fashion Marketing”

23 Août 2019
Par Fany Chanu
23 Août 2019

Houcine Akrout, enseignant-chercheur à l’INSEEC School of Business & Economics dans le domaine du marketing, est sélectionné en tant que Rédacteur en chef invité pour la revue international “Journal of Global Fashion Marketing” (Taylor & Francis Publishing) pour un numéro spécial avec comme sujet la RSE et le Marketing des produits de luxe et de la mode.

The theme of sustainability has long been one of the most relevant aspects being assessed in the business strategy of companies and in the competitive positioning of fashion brands (Fletcher & Grose 2012; Guercini & Ranfagni 2013). Sustainability is a complex issue that involves various aspects, since environmental sustainability is combined with a social sustainability that is relevant above all where consumers are more aware of the power inherent in their purchase). Indeed, consumers are becoming more thoughtful, shop more sustainably, and are getting more conscious that their ethical consumerism is actually a form of self-care (Alison & Westbrook, 2012; Lee Sung 2016).

Years after its introduction, the topic of sustainability, however, is no longer just a trend in the future, but there are also results achieved by companies and a progressive maturity of the market compared to the prospects it offers (Swaen & Vanhamme 2005). Thus, what used to be the domain of sustainably-positioned niche actors is now being embraced by fashion and luxury companies through various combinations. This is particularly true in luxury fashion, where Petit h Hermes, Freitag or Brunello Cucinelli, to name a few, are companies that have been successfully seizing the potentialities of the sustainability levers. In this context, companies have learned from the results and processes that followed their efforts to address sustainability issues (Cassidy Han 2013; Kozlowski, Bardecki Searcy 2012)

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